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DJ QBert Battle - Lamb Chops

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DJ QBert Battle - Lamb Chops


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Cao Qi face burst red burst of white, her cold stare Chen Jingyi, said: '? You're pitiful me''pop!' Cao Qi, a slap in the face came in his face, according to Chen Jingyi, then a vicious slap.'lovemaking!'slap shot down ten consecutive Cao Qi turned away, stunned around the boys and girls, this will lead to trouble ah?a big beautiful face against his lovemaking is fiercely thrown ten slap, which is destined to be a big news ah, they seem to have seen the bbs's boiling.聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽What is the rhythm?聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽'聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Side door.the Yankees seems he just take a slander it, but Lin Feng and Chen Jingyi view, this is very rude performance, called molestation, say it already has been in the hands and feet !'Lin Feng refueling, blow him off the hook him!' finally saw his bodyguard hung up, Chen Jingyi finally excited, she thought he could not always the wages of white to ah, otherwise if this month What force is not out, but also to pay their own salaries, which is not too lose?this girl, do not trouble yourself anxious? Only when her accident, Lin Feng will be shot ah!聽Although this logicwonderful point, but they are not worth the surprise because it is quite common. **** As if there is always blame themselves white buy insurance, do not have access, the results after complaining he spend, how so unlucky ah, engage in a serious injury almost dead, damn insurance if used Less than how wonderful!looked across the Yankees menacing a punch over, Lin Feng face a sneer, I thought you ** Is not this a little more muscle length do, not that long a little high it? Fight with brother, you do far worse!fist went up again, Lin Feng grinned, thinking he had just able to hit his thigh, and now not afraid of your fist with fists? Although just aching fist, but surely you do not feel better right knee?straight punched killed in the past, Lin Feng fist and hit each other's fists together.cannon fist!聽Lin Feng Zhe Yiquansimple harmless though nothing exciting, but from the name of the above will be able to see the mighty Zhe Yiquan, and use guns to describe Zhe Yiquan, which force ...... think about the appalling ah!'Nima !!' foreigners unfamiliar mouth broke a half-cooked Chinese style squalling, tossed arms cried out, his face looks like a painful ah.'Good!' cried out the people around them!Qinshan racing here every day, many people, of course, on such a dangerous amount of track, one-time only allowed a game, if anyone wants to continue racing, they must have to wait for the end of the Li Xiaoqin and 鍒橀噾闆?game, so they idle also quite boring, actually did not expect to see a fight so the screen violence.most important thing is when the fight Lin Feng and Hatch are the kind of meat, two impacts are fiercely violent, people very visual impact, the kind of dull sound to give them a special pleasure.for this by racing to find their own people, was able to fight from watching others find pleasure in, which proves Hatch Lin Feng and how violent action, mad tyrant.see Lin Feng punch to beat this gringo hopping, could not help but cheer around here except Hatch basically the Chinese people, who beat foreigners see China, a superior sense of national pride oil students, however.'playing the fight, killing the white pig, he does not look pleasing to the eye!''is ah, the United States come to our Chinese friends presumptuous, actually dare to take liberties with the Chinese people, really killed!''kill him Hell, let him so shameless!'..................Chapter 21 sister let you Yuxianyusias a great American, in the national top Hatch always considered themselves to National Higher, which is China's low national Shina pigs, so to hear these people dare to insult himself, so he once was anger ignited, lost his mind.'hateful Shina pig!' Hatch look of anger, obviously with the United States with his Chinese chamber said.although not very authentic Chinese phrase, but the presence of all be able to listen to them what it means, so the presence of the Chinese people angry.'son of a bitch, this guy is not only arrogant sense of shame, actually dare to insult the Chinese people, really killed!''is that bastard, Americans terrific? We chased China still ranks a flat out you America!''rolling calf things disgrace to your country, we get out of China!'..................'ah!' To hear these people increasingly fierce curse, Hatch anger flourished, had arm pain can not stand, but this time all of a sudden they feel full of energy, his ferocious fury against Lin Feng In the past, really like moths to a flame.Lin Feng sideways kick, kick in this fiercely Americans waist.'Kacha!'Obviously, a few broken ribs.'pop!' resounding slap in the face, heard the bastard curse their homeland, Lin Feng is more anger, you son of a bitch I thought things were molested even, actually dare to insult the whole China, this is not court death what is?a resounding slap in the face to play in the past, Lin Feng's hand strength that is absolutely horrible, the Yankees moment to feel dizzy, then one can not help but spit in his mouth, is a group of blood with two teeth.聽Lin FengYes, this actually slap this guy's two front teeth were all knocked out.'Lin Feng good like, go back and give you a pay!' Chen Jingyi excited shouting out.聽Chen Jingyihear the words, the presence of some male colleague is ambiguous looked Lin Feng, thinking that this guy is not only a violent man, but also a little bitch.the presence of some of the women on the unleavened including peach, and at the same time as the youthful eyes staring general Lin Feng, who saw Chen Jingyi a jealous, thinking that such a small school kid actor who began to keep a man, that what morals ah!fact they are jealous Chen Jingyi, like macho violence so sturdy Lin Feng, how mad Pa performance in bed, think about the people goosebumps ah.a gorgeously dressed woman face makeup looked blankly Lin Feng hit appearance, fiercely gripping his legs, his face flushing blooming!聽She**, and pants wet mess. Man fights but actually because of the wet mess, Liu Fei a face full of shy, look to Lin Feng's eyes filled with possessive. If this man can make himself one night, how much money is worth ah.Lin Feng did not know was that he actually turned out such a hungry woman obscenity certain objects, and some even vowed to Lin Feng picking on a cool night.'lovemaking!'聽Lin Fengone hand pumping back and forth to the Han to give smoked stars, and even a truck can not tell. Chen Jingyi give wage increases to hear himself, Lin Feng Huan more he smoked, crackling crackling Withdrawing are counter to finally kick the Yankees going to kick fainted in the street next to the trash can.'bang!' Yankees fell to the ground directly fainted, plop lying in the trash.'Oh yeah, Lin Feng you stick it!' Chen Jingyi cheered.聽At the same time the people aroundalso chanted against Lin Feng, the winner will always be full of flowers and applause, although there will be no flowers.闄堥潤鎬?Lin Feng smiled and said: '? Do not just say, ah, you said during the day forgot ah'聽Lin Feng闄堥潤鎬?white one, this time she was very clear what 妤氭灄閿?say she Pie Zhaozui said: '? Is not wage it.''Anything can use the money to solve problems are not a problem!' 闄堥潤鎬?waved his hand, his voice filled with high-end atmosphere on the grade.tilted his head thought, Chen Jingyi, said: 'In the afternoon you help me win a running race, wages doubled Well, just twenty thousand a month you have to help me fight the bastard gringo, let me. turned cool, and then double wages, good forty thousand a month! 'Lin Feng surprised a moment, I thought so pay any money when two years ago highlighted the danger of Liu t just give him a few thousand dollars each, which he direct it some exercise becomes twenty thousand, oh no, four Wan month?think before each man carrying machetes and guns go shopping, every time, but only a few hundred up to one thousand less salary, Lin Feng almost cry out, he sent a shout hands holding buns ......'little guy, what counted forty thousand dollars a month, along with her sister mix it, my sister to give you one hundred thousand a month, the other also reimbursed oh!' before the fight actually look to see Lin Feng Liu Fei ** woman rushed over, throwing a flirtatious in front of Lin Feng said:'little brother, my sister's effort a lot better than this tender Fish, custody let you ********, oh cool earthshaking.'聽Lin Fenglook of embarrassment, I thought this is what happens, how feel a duck, and brother are not out to sell a good or bad!'Liu widow Fasao you again is not it, you do not see your wrinkles beneath heavy makeup, but also the nerve openings, really shameless enough. brother to sister mix here, my sister to give you a month 150,000 sister, but both young and effort but also Ay! 'a less than three-year-old woman looks rushed, sound Mei Mei Lin Feng gas toward said.Lin Feng tears, brother really is not to sell!'smelly thirty-eight, you do not get a look in the mirror of your own, you do not still also a witch? big brother, you mix it along with others, to give you two hundred thousand people a month is good, there are others Technology is also very good! 'when Lin Feng hear words when big brother, could not help but turned around and looked into the purpose actually is a sixteen-year-old girl, actually is staring at her head containing Wink.most important is that this little girl is opening a two hundred thousand!two hundred thousand ah, so much to live and have not seen so much money, and today it is swollen? The world swollen? Swollen in the end! ! !闄堥潤鎬?not happy to see these people actually digging their own corner, she also angry, shouted: 'You bitch this group, Lin Feng who is aging mother, who would rob your sister, money terrific! ah, his aging mother the most is the lack of money, his aging mother to one million a month, who gave you play? ''who plays his mother to his aging mother gave ten million, a group of waves goods!'amount, Lin Feng is really stunned this time, although that Chen Jingyi just talk, can not really give so much, but she was the tone to quell! , No way, that is ** ** silk yarn, mental endurance bad ah!one million?ten million! ! !This is not won ah, even won also very amazing ah wood there.in Lin Feng shocked speechless when he suddenly heard some people buzz.'that little girl seems to be the mayor's daughter Chen ah?''cut, the mayor's daughter, great ah? mayor's daughter can not be thrown in from ten million.''is ah, the mayor's daughter, so what, I can not believe how much money will be better than Li Lingzhi I have money!''****, on behalf of the mayor's daughter is the woman's daughter, do you think the woman's daughter will be short of money it?'............mention that woman, some people come to realize that some people are confused look, but after listening to everyone's interpretation, they are suddenly understand.the woman, the woman called the richest man in Konan, Nima entire Konan Real Estate eighty percent of all the women are doing, is simply a hoodwink.'cut, money amazing ah!' Liu Fei Chen Jingyi glanced toward a look of disdain, then clamped his legs in front of his face smiling Lin Feng said: 'little brother, when you can find me boring, oh, Sister loneliness can give you! 'finish this, Liu Fei took out a business card, Lin Feng thrown into the inside of the collar.'boring little brother can not find the old woman, you can come to me, this is my business card!''big brother, they are old woman, you can come to me, this is the telephone number of the people ......'This world is so big, really wonders, anything can happen, at least Lin Feng felt something happen to them is incredible.when 闄堥潤鎬?struggling nine cattle tigers and only then when Lin Feng intelligence collected all her cards, and then thrown into a trash can, and Lin Feng react.looked at a picture of a business card to be torn to pieces, Lin Feng heart in the blood, just the fact he has been very heart wood there ah. As a young virgin, so many beautiful women lined up to give their broken, Lin Feng a lot of pressure, while also looking forward to ah wood there.'Alas!' sighed deeply, Lin Feng tone filled with bitterness, which is a deep depression.Chen Jingyi eyed, and said: 'What gas sigh, feeling pity is not it, I tell you that women are not clean, you might as well look for those women looking for ...... ya might as well look for gold sister too!''amount ~~' Lin Feng took a deep breath, he thought this would be a very sturdy sister said; let go of those women, let me!results of this Hell to the sentence, let Liu Jinya come. Liu Jinya dare to come, he was not on the ah, Liu Shu shall not break his legs ah. Not ah, Liu Shu prison time is not to say his daughter to take it?聽But Liu Jinyabigger than themselves two years Alas, this is a tangled issue worth.聽Chen Jingyifact just this little girl is ready to speak, 'you might as well look for those women looking for me,' but the key moment immediately corrected himself, almost reveal the 'voice' of.Lin Feng smile Oh, wander 鍒橀噾闆?he did not say anything more than good intentions, but he looked at the ground when the nostalgia of those cards were shredded, the mind is thought of a number.little Lolita went away and did not give yourself a business card, but the number of reported to Lin Feng, Lin Feng super memory to really remember.not to save the girl slipped it?Chapter 22 that touch of Daoguang聽Lin Fengdilemma, indecisive, tangled for a long time or not tangle the result.聽As a college studentglory, or the name of the government of the country, Jiangnan University, Lin Feng how can a blind eye and a deaf ear, leaving a prettily little Lolita, the amount of a country's future flowers and let it fall?聽Lin Fengin preparation for the next decision, the distant blue Phantom two rushed over, a Maserati sports car emperor, a dazzling and moving Ferrari, but returned to the scene.'Jinya sister, won?' Chen Jingyi was greeted by smiling, walked down toward Liu Jinya said.Li Xiaoqin look calm, said: 'cut, then she would like to win, I go back to practice two or three years to say!'Liu Jinya look reconciled, angrily: '! Li Xiaoqin you do not proud, today is the mistakes of my sister.''whoops Hey, also afford to lose it? Oh, do not say anything else, you sister on the sound quite ridiculous, do not you forget that I am older than you?' Li Xiaoqin look of haughty'old woman!' Liu Jinya tit for tat!'What did you say!' Li Xiaoqin also anger.Chen Jingyi shook his head, apparently that have long been accustomed to this kind of thing.At this time, Lin Feng heart suddenly erupted inside an jingchan feeling, there is a crisis! This is a perennial Lin Feng earlier forged in blood and fire hone sensitive, a powerful 'sixth sense' intuition.big fly and boats before heard saying the road is only one road, and definitely not on the people on the road, only to be able to go in the car, even if the two of them do not have the ability to mix in, so he will be assured.聽Liu Jinyabut this time he had just come out of felt a crisis, which means what? This means that someone ambush around, waiting to get off when Liu Jinya shot.this place through numerous security checks, even if the killer is a senior can not put a gun brought in, and also be sure to broaden horizons around within attack range sniper ambush is absolutely no place, so I want to attack, only to be melee, most will be able to use point weapons, and is short of soldiers!聽Lin Feng saw a large flyquietly and boats look, found that the two actions and reactions, although a little slower than he, but is still very keen on the Lin Feng 鍒橀噾闆?closer to the moment, the two Han also one of Liu Jinya toward the Ferrari.on one side and Li Xiaoqin Liu Jinya glared at satire, he opened the door, when suddenly a distant light shot over.Daoguang!This is Daoguang broke out under the light of the rapid, rapid punch this cut, and even knife man's head split in half.big fly thundered loudly, the people flying into the sky, kicked in the past!聽In order to stop that touch Daoguangpixiang Liu Jinya, this guy actually directly use their bodies to block. Of course, the big fly is not with the body as human shields to block, but the flying feet Mengchuai filed five feet, which a comic play extremely overbearing, mighty bold, Majestic.This is retreat, large fly lost opportunities, natural Lin Feng did not like before the Yankees beat liking. He first kicked in the killer's arm, and not kicked the knife blade. The first leg was kicked out when the inevitable blade scratched wound deep visible bone in the thigh injury but did not cut into the artery, so it would not be anything serious injury!kicked out after the first leg, like a big fly to grasp each other's Vital, the second leg directly to the other side of the machete kicked, kicked again in the third on each other's arms, the fourth leg mention the other on the chest, the fifth foot mention each other's heads!five feet comic play, and read all praising Lin Feng, Liu was on t-worthy tune out, and the strength is really first-rate, although this genuine than their big brothers quite right.course, Lin Feng, although self-proclaimed big brother, but he knew these two guys certainly not recognized, even if it is only considered a little brother when he is, so he also did not mention the TIPS .聽big flyrushed to the moment, boats 鍒橀噾闆?immediately rushed to the front, and did not intervene to deal with the killer, but single-minded 鍒橀噾闆?stand in front of the body, protecting Liu Jinya.Lin Feng emotion, these two bodyguards indeed more competent, at least many times more than their professional ah!he looked back a little awkward Chen Jingyi one, thinking their own identity 闄堥潤鎬?bodyguards, discovered the first post-crisis is not actually want to protect yourself this employer, but Liu Jinya, this is not a dereliction of duty it?Although Liu Jinya crisis is directed to go, but he is not able to throw aside the genuine employer ah. Fortunately, Chen Jingyi no lines in so many pieces, actually saw someone with a knife like a mad dog crossed Laikan Jinya sister, she is scared half to death!聽As the goal of Liu Jinyalook calm, but added Chen Jingyi this little girl look pale, shrewdness and thus anyone can see out. Lin Feng thought, after all, is a little girl ah, still in school yet.聽But the instantsee Liu Jinya, Lin Feng faint of heart but it is a pain, this woman will make a three-year-old Chen Jingyi than just the result but impassive face of the assassination, in the end what kind of suffering experienced to be able to do The point?'Jinya, are you okay?' This time, Li Xiaoqin Maserati from inside rushed out, his face looked worried Liu Jinya, no more appearance before outdone, his face no other color except worry.聽Lin FengThis fear can be seen is not a contrived, but really worried, heartfelt and sincere!he thought of the big boats fly and then two guys thought it looked rough mad, I did not expect quite sensitive mind Well, actually they were to guess.'d look strange and Chen Jingyi Li Xiaoqin looked surprised, did not think this guy will actually care about Jinya sister, she remembers the two men not pinch pinch each frame is very serious for you, can be used to describe hatred.From some ways, this is still very simple Chen Jingyi, especially Ayutthaya extremely shallow, basically no subtlety, a silly little girl. Girls say attentive, even large fly and the result that two boats were so rude man can understand things, but believed the results of this girl.'I'm fine!' Liu Jinya nodded toward Li Xiaoqin, unemotional, no one can see the true color of her heart.Li Xiaoqin sighed, she knew someone recently seemed to be against Liu Jinya, but did not think to this point has been, and actually to assassinate someone in public!if not two bodyguards struggling to protect it, she could not believe what happens next. Thought here, Li Xiaoqin looked little more than a decade fighting partner, his face showing a hint of anger.her anger against Liu Jinya course not, but rather for the shot to assassinate Liu Jinya person.'I'm sorry if I did not let you come here, it will not be an opportunity for those guys up!' Li Xiaoqin Liu Jinya apologize for that many people just have unreasonable hatred of life and death as people actually blink of an eye and a good and extremely concerned about each other.Liu Jinya against Li Xiaoqin smiled and said:. 'Freeze blame you, they harm me, even if the hands are not here will be hands-on in other places.''you can play it, I will go back!' rare, and Li Xiaoqin Liu Jinya can speak so gentle.especially Li Xiaoqin, just an insight into the appalling that Daoguang, really scared. She wanted to fight in case the small to large partner really was a knife to kill her what will happen? The results are obvious, there is no doubt that she will cry!'pay attention to safety!' mutual pinch a woman ten years two people entrusted to each other.Chen Yi Meng, a little confused situation, it really is Li Xiaoqin and Liu Jinya it?back of the car, Lin Feng and 闄堥潤鎬?is still sitting on the 鍒橀噾闆?Ferrari, the big fly and boats are driving a Mercedes, tightly behind Ferrari.聽Lin FengFerrari look above the frost, he was very angry, saying that if the killer last night for their own, then the killer is obviously just singling 鍒橀噾闆?it! If it is not just a big fly fast response, then perhaps it is unimaginable consequences.These guys really crazy, do not force Liu Shu secular order even in spite of everything it? They do so, if really kill Uncle Liu's daughter, do not know will be issued after Liu Shu out what crazy it?Lin Feng did not even dare to believe that if there was an accident Liu Jinya really, what would cause uproar throughout China after Liu Shu appear, do not these people really are crazy?聽Lin Fengfrowning cranky, Liu Jinya calm driving, the entire inside of the car is very strange atmosphere, oppressive atmosphere let 闄堥潤鎬?do not know what to speak, so the atmosphere is more silence.聽no focal lengtheyes staring out the window, Lin Feng's eyes getting cold, he left the prison the magic really did not expect Uncle Liu's home inside this happened! Whether anyone can not hurt Uncle Liu's family, which is the bottom line of Lin Feng, violated the bottom line, when Lin Feng is going broke!Lin Feng walking in God cranky when Liu Jinya's car suddenly stopped, Lin Feng surprised, then saw through the glass front door of the road there is a cut above the trees actually stopped his path.see this scene, Lin Feng's eyes squint up immediately! This is a typical practice of the killer highway ah.behind the big fly and boats Mercedes has stopped, two people almost instantaneously jumped down from the car.Chapter 23 murderto be checked in the big boats came flying off the tree and place when both dressed in black jumped out to people from the car light shine in the dark.two men are with half mask, so that people can not see their looks. Assassination behavior so Cangtouluwei enough to appear should not want people to recognize them.Lin Feng sat in the car did not mean to get off, he knows the big boats the ability to fly, even if the two men both of them can not handle it, and then shot to the time he had no problems.'Hey, you're that when the bodyguards too incompetent, and out of every open shot, how do you still sitting here?' Lin Feng Chen Jingyi could not understand such a thing to do now inaccessible expression, tolerance live silent reminder of his mission.Lin Feng very wronged no Nagata said: 'Missy, you can see, there is a large fly out boats, even if I have to go, if someone attacks the Ferrari, that how do the two of you safe?'a big man to make innocent sell Meng expression, it is some evil, but who let Lin Feng little older, so this expression also appears to actually complement each other.two black people as Lin Feng guess, is a professional killer, just so he does not understand is that the leader Liu Shu killers themselves, and now his family but was a killer to kill, this is simply is a joke.聽large flying boatsskill and the two killers are not comparable, but soon the two killers who took out a weapon, in the face of cold steel big boats can fly calm face, can face the dark muzzle, even if their skill better, it still can not escape the bullet attack.'wow, to be staged shootout in front of me, and it was exciting.' Chen Jingyi no fear, she usually always been the good girl, this is the first time I saw a picture of it so dangerous.聽large flying boatstwo brothers act in harmony, I was not given the opportunity to both personal attack. But no one is perfect, there will always stumbled when. When the big fly is a bullet hit his arm temporarily lost the ability to act when Lin Feng move.although I do not know this is not the result of the intensification of internal contradictions, but promised Liu Shu thing, even if he should be mad to do it. Bullets were fired to the moment, a figure flashed, until the confusion in the past, what big flying boats are not, and that the two killers were not so lucky.Lin Feng directly rushed to the front of one of the killers, the results at the foot of a small stone out of the way, and he fell to gorgeous. When Lin Feng fell unconscious to grab each other's pants, wanted to talk directly to someone else's pants pulled down.killer then how powerful, it is still very focused on their instruments. And this time, he not only disheveled, also were Tuoliaokuzi.in his own wretched behavior ashamed when Lin Feng has stood up and launched an attack on him.Although Lin Feng moves is there are so wretched, but the current situation, and murderous people pretending to Sven, dead only faster.sitting in the car Lin Feng Chen Jingyi accidentally fell from pulling out people's pants, it will be laughing helplessness, the entire Ferrari which are her laughter.'Jinya sister, you're best to find me a bodyguard ah, the pants off people are doing this kind of shameless things out, really killing me.'Liu Jinya squint, this kid really is simple, just the gorgeous fall, the outsider is his clumsy, in Liu Jinya eyes, but know Lin Feng is intentional.this kid really a bit mean, I really do not know the old man put children at her side in the end is trying to do. At this time, Lin Feng has been clumsy in his skills to a killer to the press on the ground.'said who sent you to deal with ya sister, the best obediently confession, or I'll make you look good.' Lin Feng is close to the other ear words to say, except that he and the killer is, nobody knows him opening inquiry.a killer stare Lin Feng, Lin Feng felt bad at the time, the other party has been the first step to bite the tongue suicide.damn clue broken, it seems he can only start from another person there.who seemingly do not know Lin Feng harmless to humans and animals, this time being angry with.in his mind, Liu Shu is his family, as long as people want to deal with Liu Shu family, that is, Lin Feng and his life difficult, if not put this behind pulling out, he wasted Liu t so good for him.聽large flying boatsand more than enough to deal with a killer, when the two brothers who had just pressed the ground, Lin Feng also trot over, do not know that he is determined to or not, because the moment actually waddled, feet almost stepped on the crotch killer captured alive.same as a man, if being an important part of that foot burst, probably living death.聽large flying boatsand glance at each other, heart to reach a consensus, whether this guy is not a play pig eat tiger, after finally away from him some.聽Lin Fenglook of embarrassment, said: 'I'm sorry, I seem to be scared, and now the leg a little bit weak, almost step on your lifeblood, if you say you become a eunuch, and I really have no way give you treatment. 'killer estimate did not expect to grab a Erleng child, but when he saw the bite tongue suicide companions when Lin Feng could not help for students from a hint of wariness.unreasonable an ordinary person can be forced to a killer committed suicide, the boy is certainly not simple.Lin Feng see each other in the eyes appear alert, immediately revealing a harmless to humans and animals face, hands held high and be friendly:. 'Do not look at me, I'll be embarrassed.'while silent killer, Lin Feng standing around in a big fly boats also very silent. This guy really is the legendary sell Meng? A big man to sell Meng, also really disgusting.闄堥潤鎬?see the situation has been brought under control, we should get off at once, and this time they pulled her 鍒橀噾闆?. 'Do not get off, perhaps there is an ambush, you abruptly, sooner or later something bad might happen.''Jinya sister, I just want to see Lin Feng, this kid is too funny.'Liu Jinya said: 'You, ah, when will slightly longer head, that guy was not easy, I would advise you'd better watch out for him a little later, do not let people to eat, and also the amount of money to each other.'Chen Jingyi heard suddenly blush: 'Sister, you say even if I then bad, it was something to eat, or understand it..'Liu Jinya lazy and this girl continued to bicker, and this time she was also very good in the end want to do Qilin front.run into such a Erleng child, and perhaps the chance to escape. Lin Feng decided to make this time, just to make him feel chance.'two bodyguards brother, the next thing to me, you still go back there ya sister safer.聽Next big flyglanced boats that had begun with a stiff corpse, two tacit agreement did not say anything, and turned back to the side of the Ferrari.lost two enemies, which the killer suddenly find opportunities, pulled a dagger from boots inside a backhand to put a dagger in the top rack Lin Feng neck.'Yeah. He was kidnapped.' Although Lin Feng Chen Jingyi always like to see the joke, but really see him in danger, hearts still inevitably a little nervous.聽Even the side of Liu Jinyaalso somewhat calm, though this kid is old man sent to protect her, from the current situation, is clearly let her take care of the old man beat around the bush this kid.聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽What do you mean?聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Love to kill?聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽His face was somewhat rare calm. Her eyes have been staring at the positive and Lin Feng talking man. If Lin Feng able to see her face and eyes, then, will find clues.'Sorry, this is the basic professional ethics. I can not say.' other polite gestures are like a French aristocrat gentleman.聽This rich manhappens very attractive woman, but unfortunately Lin Feng is a man, even if the other gas field strong again, he can not become bent.'Let me guess, you are going to continue to complete the task?'mask man smiled, magnetic voice is like the best song to listen to, and if the site has a female animal in nature, certain dual see stars. 'Sorry to disappoint you, since I failed the people, which means to cancel the deal. I'm just curious, what people can instantly kill my people only.'Lin Feng rub the nose, a look of excitement, said: '?? Now you see, how do you feel worthwhile.'mask man smiled: 'Next time we will meet again.'聽This one will leave the otherchic drove away, which makes Lin Feng feel a shock, do not by themselves so to be see it?look depressed Lin Feng returned Ferrari car, found Liu Jinya's face pale, can not help but ask: 'Ya sister, you uncomfortable ah?''Oh, all right, that is a little stomach pain, we go back.' Liu Jinya hand subconsciously allocated under the hair, trying to hide something of great meaning.Lin Feng heart doubts, but then when you look carefully, Liu Jinya seemed back to normal. Really strange, do not ya sister is also the flair to mask evil man?villa all the lights went out, Wan Lai stillness, when there is a personal bed bulging, and still move a few.Lin Feng To inconspicuous, directly under a quilt on the bed playing computer. Playing games? No. See R-rated movies? No.saw a series of obscure characters appear on the computer screen, as long as an IT expert, you see, these are programmed special coding required. And Lin Feng actually fast fingers above the keyboard percussion, these codes can be seen that he was not just get the play.When Lin Feng suddenly pressing a return key, opened the quilt suddenly excited and said:. 'become, ha ha, and said I'm not a genius, this kind of thing only a genius can do, I really admire my own . 'computer screen appeared a bit-frequency information and special settings, yes, Lin Feng in just over one hour to produce a super virus, what the virus used to make, and only he knows.'Hey, do not believe the whole evil that can not chop suey.' Lin Feng mouth offal except Bong Mountain, no one else.next morning, Chen Lin Feng is great beauty with a glass of ice water thrown awake. Lin Feng hand while wiping his face water damage, while waiting for this naive girl, obviously it is smaller than yourself, why is always being bullied themselves.this man must be his great disdain big bullying the small, disdain and ignorance of the little girls in general care. But when his eyes fell 闄堥潤鎬?chest, but changed his mind, that there is still much room for growth in the chest Xiao Nizi ah, maybe in a few years, you can not necessarily over ya sister.remember first meeting him reach out and touch that soft feeling, Lin Feng felt his crotch more stand up.闄堥潤鎬?a bow just to see the quilt in the middle bulge a thing, she said, reaching past subconsciously:. '. Hey how old you are, ah, at night also hold toys, too funny ...... uh ...... this is what ah.''Aunt, you were let go, it is not a toy.' said Lin Feng blush, not to mention such a trouble, he was Chen Jingyi how sorry, that was just the feeling of holding, some bear to let him .Chen Jingyi is a curious baby, did not clear in that in the end is what the hard stuff before, Lin Feng can not say what is sent to her.going to kick in Chen Jingyi quilt when Liu Jinya door came. When she saw Chen Jingyi hand to place the time, could not help but face a stiff, cold eyes instantly fired Lin Feng.this kid Danzaibuxiao ah, actually dared to seduce innocent little girl to her home, just want to live.feel each other's sight murder, Lin Feng quickly explained: 'Ya Ya ...... sister, something you definitely do not see this, God, I really jumped into the Yellow River also Xibu Qing.'see Liu Jinya Chen Jingyi came immediately grinning, said: 'Gemalto sister, you come ah, this guy is really funny Lin Feng, Tibet was still in bed sleeping stick, you say funny not funny.Liu Jinya approached 闄堥潤鎬?the hand back, looked Lin Feng Yin Cece: '? He told you that is the root of the stick.''No, I guess, you do not say, pretty hard.' said Chen Jingyi look ignorant.聽Lin Fengeven a dead heart, he is little virgin right, even if he can not Zeidan Zeixin, can not withstand being molested so ah.understand the ins and outs later, Liu Jinya said: 'Xiaoyi, you should not re-enter after this guy's room, so tarnished your eyes and hands.''Ya sister, my dirty it?' Lin Feng mind at the moment is like being the owner of the dog, expression, Meng to what time.鍒橀噾闆?not wait to speak, on the first smile 闄堥潤鎬?spoke:. '. hey, you asked how dirty not dirty Jinya sister if she knew, would not prove the relationship between the two of you are not in general.'not pay attention when taking advantage of Chen Jingyi, Lin Feng Di Liu 鍒橀噾闆?put into a corner, quietly warned:. 'Do not fight the idea of 鈥嬧€媂iaoyi, otherwise I will let you be careful crotch Flanagan never stick up proudly.''Sister, I was wrong.' Lin Feng felt aggrieved enough, obviously is Chen Jingyi Coushang own, and how can you blame him.morning an ambiguous plus a frightened, scared almost to the Lin Feng will no longer move. Fortunately, however, he was a little virgin, how could Dead Before the Ship Even Sank it.an afternoon going to school they received Choukao, which only last a few days in class to learn Lin Feng, it should be a huge test of.'Do not worry, wait to sit next to me, I'll give you copy.' Ever since I heard that to Choukao later, Lin Feng has been sitting silent position, even around those girls were molested reminding us of scenes did not hear . Chen Jingyi humanitarian spirit, decided to help him.聽Lin Feng Chen Jingyilooked up to his face revealing a non-crying like crying face faint smile, looking at the strange man infiltration.'exam ah, this is how sacred a thing, I'm so excited.' Lin Feng's reaction is always so different from ordinary people.on others thought he was worried about his own well on the exam, he is actually excited for the exam.'Jingyi, this kid is scared silly of it, in broad daylight say nonsense. I have not seen so many people look forward to test it.' Shen Xia next bit worried.in Chinese Boys is small, Lin Feng in the running game last big long face to them, these gals certainly a great treasure Lin Feng.waiting in anxiety among the exam still coming. Lin Feng Chen Jingyi has done nothing to worry about, so the answer outset accelerated rate, in order to allow time to Lin Feng plagiarism.But just when she put down the pen, even saw Lin Feng stood up and took the papers. She was going to ask this guy going to do, the other is actually a look of excitement on the podium went to a female teacher, said:. 'The teacher, an assignment.''My God, he's crazy now. This opening test for half an hour, is this kid has done nothing?' said some girls could not resist.Chen Jingyi also very curious, so with the Lin Feng also handed back, and put the papers in time, surprised to find this kid entire papers are filled, there is no done nothing.rely Is Lin Feng is a play pig eat tiger Zhuer? She grew more and more angry, Lin Feng hurried outside to find a say.feel good at the moment are whistling Lin Feng, see 闄堥潤鎬?also with out quickly said:. 'Hey, you came out so fast, ah, I thought I was the fastest to answer it.''Lin Feng, you lied to me!'Chapter 27taste betrayed people'Missy, words where to start, when I lie to you?'聽Yet something everyone Lin Fengthe mind, but today finally had an exam addiction, but he was surprisingly good mood.闄堥潤鎬?very blunt going forward beat Lin Feng, the results of this kid still slippery than Loach, a turn to hide the past.'bastard, you dare to hide, fast standing still let me play, or you hide once again I'll deduct your wages until you go bankrupt bondage buckle up.'rely on, this really is the eldest poison, although he was short of money, but definitely does not lack ambition. Lin Feng uphold justice, said: 'Then you buckle it, anyway, I would not have been a free man.'chin Chen Jingyi hear it almost did not scared of falling: 'You ...... you ...... you prostitute to whom?'聽Lin Feng Chen Jingyido not know him as a prostitute has ducks, also triumphant, said:. 'I certainly was sold himself to a big man, hey.''Well, I gotta tell ya sister Kim, did not think your kid is such a person.' Then we must turn away Chen Jingyi, the result of a sudden pull Lin Feng, who pulled directly into his arms, put the two A classic action waltz ended.聽Lin Fengsensed danger, subconscious is to protect his employer Chen Jingyi, the results of a bow just saw her chest that small gully. Wow, the original and now girls like to wear pink bra ah.Se Mimi in his ornamental good scenery when a bullet flew rubbing their heads, who do not know this is a lucky coincidence, or are in the calculation of Lin Feng.be shaken 闄堥潤鎬?release, Lin Feng hide the cold breath of heart, concern and asked: '? Are you all right.'Chen Jingyi look around, completely invisible any clues, she eagerly asked:. 'idiot, this time to track down the murderer should be it.'聽Lin Fenglook helpless, said: 'murderer police chase things, and I'm a little bodyguard, in case there are two bad guys, do you think I would leave you what end?''That ...... you how so useless.' Chen Jingyi think today was a disgrace, first by Lin Feng juggle, and now attacked.Lin Feng thought again and said: 'The school where more people?''auditorium.' Chen Jingyi subconscious said.today premiered the drama club of people, so the people there is the greatest. Lin Feng thought and he said: 'I'll send you to the auditorium, you remember, the man in most places, do not come out.''Hey, what are you going to do?' and Lin Feng Chen Jingyi although usually fooling around, but the key moment is still very concerned about him.聽Lin Fengembarrassed smile: 'Miss, there are three people anxious.''shameless!' Lin Feng Chen Jingyi foot stepped on the feet, and turned and walked toward the hall.Tonghu aloud Lin Feng look of embarrassment, but still fart bobbing with the past. And so on into the auditorium after Chen Jingyi, Lin Feng put away the kind of expression Erleng child. Frowned and looked around, then went looking for direction.seven eight Shui twist he finally stopped in front of a white down. A closer look on the wall listing, says the clinic three characters.his mouth brought back a touch cruel smile, raising his hand sounded the doors.soon the door was opened, the door stood a thirty-year-old with a thin gold-rimmed glasses man. From his chest that he is listed on the health teacher Jiangnan University, actually called Wang Ming, a little mean desperadoes.'The students, your body does not feel well?' Wang Ming opened the door to go to the health center inside Lin Feng.Lin Feng sat down in the chair, one sat like: 'Ahem ...... Wang, my throat that little uncomfortable, can you help me find it?''Oh, of course, the recent hot and cold weather, there are a lot of students are infected with the cold, I can help you look at it.' said Wang Ming took out a small wood chips, which are used to observe the throat appliances .'you mouth open, I look at your throat.''Teacher, I am sorry that ...... mouth.' Lin Feng looked embarrassed, actually blushed.airs if some motherly love to see a flood of girls, must be a scream.'students, you need not fear, I just look at the case of your throat, so as to facilitate dispensing help you.' Wang Ming said we should do it.Lin Feng did not make this refusal, he closed his eyes open mouth, waiting for the other checks. After ten seconds, Wang Ming frowned and said: 'Students, your throat is no problem, is not it will be before there are sequels laryngitis sore throat?''Hey, teacher, I actually did not even sick, really trouble you.' Lin Feng hehe smile, hands are playing with a Wang Ming feel very familiar things.under his surprise subconsciously reach out to touch his pocket, and she was gone. His sharp eyes looked Lin Feng: 'You in the end is that?'聽Lin Fengcarefully looked at the hands of the obvious precision-engineered pocket pistol, could not help but ask: 'Teacher, you're just a school that is only the school doctor, rescue with murder weapon, is it not contradictory. '聽Wang Mingalready has calmed down, he lightly said:. 'students, that thing is very dangerous, you'd better hurry back to me, I can also be used as nothing happened.''Unfortunately, I do not want to, ah good teacher, you have to shoot at us, when there is no consideration of how this is dangerous goods it?'Lin Feng is Longshehunza 'magic are' big warden, Liu Guoan protege can become, this is not only a skill on the line.Wang Ming heart secretly surprised, just shot, he obviously very secluded place to hide, why is he still found the boy, does he have any specific function fails?'You do not have to guess, I can tell you. I rely on is this.' Lin Feng triumphantly pointing to his nose.Ming-Yi Leng, Lin Feng continued: 'As a professional killer, murder, when the thing is done most often conceal themselves is to create the atmosphere of breath or confuse the enemy all the way I have it. asked syrup taste of your body is your own so that you do not expose the identity of a professional. 'Ming-going hands murdered, Lin Feng has a stride forward, straight muzzle top of the temple in the Ming-face.'Dear King school doctor, if you're smart enough, you quickly tell who was behind me, otherwise.''Well! never expect.'聽Lin FengAnjiao bad, stop going forward, Wang Ming has swallowed poison and committed suicide. Wang Ming looked at seven holes bleeding, he cursed loudly mother, intelligent rapid retreat. As a professional killer, he naturally did the ship had a trace.crisis lifted, Lin Feng returned to the hall, this time on stage is just staged a parting love drama, Lin Feng young for such petty things look very interesting. It'll have his own words: I was not the intellectuals, scholars what decoration force ah.when he found Chen Jingyi, when the eldest being hard on it and Kleenex. To see her do a nose a tear smoke a rub fling a standard three movements, Lin Feng secretly sigh, the woman really is made of water, otherwise there will be endless tears how yet.finally ended the stage, auditorium inside the lights are lit up, only to see Chen Jingyi Lin Feng sitting side. She Qi said: 'When did you come back?''Missy, thank you now finally noticed me, and we can not go back now.' Students already free time, no need for a few hours a day in class, Lin Feng for such a schedule is very satisfactory.聽The last piece of tissue paper闄堥潤鎬?thrown to the ground, this said: '??? you how to go to the toilet so long, not very dangerous right outside so we went out okay.''Now there is no place like ya sister safe there, of course, is to go back.' Lin Feng previous episode did not intend to tell anyone.ranging Chen Jingyi respond, she wanted to up the phone and call came just Liu Jinya.'Ya Sister, do you find me something?'one is Liu Jinya, Lin Feng Tian Zhelian to scrape together the past: 'Ya sister, you do not anything about the situation over there, right?'Liujing Ya how smart, a remark on the cold voice asked: '? You do something wrong there.'Chen Jingyi Lin Feng stared overheard a phone in the other, when they joined in the fun, very blunt, he pushed his face. Lin Feng doing my part, but also to reach out suit. This is a result of his eyes are not allowed, on hand to greet the little bread on the other side.'ah, pervert.' So he flew under Chen Jingyi a **, almost kicked the vital Lin Feng, Lin Feng reaction Fortunately enough, a turn not only snatched the attack, but also secure in the fall of desire , beauty hug into his arms.standard ballroom classic action again, this reaction 闄堥潤鎬?fast enough. Firm body quickly sorting clothes. But today she was wearing a miniskirt, just that one leg action, some are exposed to the inner her small.聽Lin Fengfact really so good luck, not only to see the color of underwear Chen Jingyi, which erupted even saw each other's underwear.聽Althoughguess it is the same color and style guess, but saw the effort while still boiling. But this little girl's body is no longer open, how Uncle Liu's daughter watchable ah. Chest that is just right chest had shocked him enough.this time Chen Jingyi Lin Feng did not know what the mind is thinking dirty things on the phone began to complain:. 'Ya sister, Lin Feng is a big liar, he lied to me.'unknown circumstances thought it was Lin Feng Liu Jinya Chen Jingyi bullied, or have cheated on her feelings, suddenly rising anger, anxious to kill Lin Feng immediately. She did not know why they are so angry, even if it is because of concern Chen Jingyi, so obviously out of control situation is not normal.after a few minutes, and the large flying boats 鍒橀噾闆?to appear in front of two people. Chen Jingyi a little surprised, though Jinya sister knows she is racing speed, but in broad daylight, even if she can fly, they can not get here come in such a short period of time.wroth face staring Lin Feng Liu Jinya, Lin Feng as a small daughter like his head is natural:. '...... Ya Ya Sister, you look awful, like I did what heinous things like''Well, do not you?' What is this guy doing bow? A guilty conscience?really looks up to his dog gall ah, dare even her girlfriends cheated, really impatient to live.horrifying Lin Feng said: 'Ya Sister, you misunderstood what I really did not do anything, I have also saved .......''no quibble, since you did not do anything, why did not look at me, you have a guilty conscience is clear. I will let you protect Xiaoyi, because I believe you, you actually did not think my return is so big flying boats give me this kid beat up a meal. 'Chapter 28 mystery man'Missy, this ......' usually been the big toe on 鍒橀噾闆?flying boats for the first time the command is not executed immediately.erupted 鍒橀噾闆?more angry: 'backwards, you have it backwards is not even my words are not heard, you still are not my bodyguard.'聽After'Missy, we ......' big fly wanted to say 'Luohou order' of things, but come into contact with a sharp eye Lin Feng knife, he immediately shut up.聽This is the gasLiu Jinya unclear: 'Well, you do not say, it seems I was a failure of people, and you my loyalty is less than the one that came brats really let me chilling. . 'seeing Liu Jinya Fengliaoyiban's go out, Lin Feng subconsciously catch up. Large flying boats had also want to go, but would lose the protection of Chen Jingyi dangerous. Eventually they chose to leave the protection of Chen Jingyi, Lin Feng eldest over there, it should not be an accident.Liu Jinya simply no way a closer look, but also to go too fast, almost fell, but fortunately timely Lin Feng pull on, just let her from falling.'let go. Do not you leave well-intentioned.' 鍒橀噾闆?do not know why so angry Lin Feng, even the man who did not make her so angry before.'Ya sister, I was wrong. I really do not bully Chen Jingyi, or you can call to ask her now. I just did not tell her that I would answer, and she said I was a liar, that I have wronged ah.'聽Lin Fengexplanation nonsense, Liu Jinya did not even understand, but also imagination. They were all together at night, during the day they are at school, how could have the opportunity to bully Lin Feng Chen Jingyi, which eighty percent is really a misunderstanding.calm down Liu Jinya began asking their attacks on this thing. Lin Feng caught under the hair, look embarrassed, said:. '. This ...... In fact, I do not know how to attack, in short, nothing happened, I also considered worthy of your exhortations of'鍒橀噾闆?sighed: 'Recently, they frequently want to start Xiaoyi, showing the other is to make it real in the end they are not afraid to do even Chen, unless the opponent's strength and Chen are not comparable, even.? over Chen. 'Lin Feng nodded, thinking look like: '??? Who is it you Lee Bong Mans doing for them what good'hear Bong Mans name, Liu Jinya mood even worse. Because another three days, that she and Liu edge engagement day. Time off really fast, she would rather this moment should never come.Lin Feng seemed unintentional, said: 'Yes, ya sister, Yang recently, it seems that the big acquisitions Konan economic downturn, companies, you know this thing?'Liu Jinya frown, recently discovered that she is such a thing one or two, but the company already acquired this kind of thing is normal, it did not take too much notice.'this thing you how to know?' Liu Jinya is the business world who know not surprising, but Lin Feng Chen Jingyi bodyguards now, but also in school and could not come into contact with these messages.'watch TV ah, ya sister, it seems you rarely watch the news lately. Yang in just one month acquired five listed companies, but because the company recession, so Yang are the low price of the acquisition, This is for business people, it is also an opportunity to make money. 'Liu Jinya not calm moment, five companies, and is a listed company, a listed company in general, if not money, it would be absolutely impossible to sell the company to the point, unless someone secretly with what dirty tricks.'so anxious to acquire the company at this time and I want to be engaged Bong Mans. I add Yang forces, they was going to occupy the entire Konan commercial market, ah, really despicable.'Lin Feng looked puzzled and asked: 'Is not it the acquisition of several companies, how to listen to you say ya sister seems very serious look.'Lin Feng Liu Jinya no longer ignore, but pulled out a cell phone to their investment advisor Gu Constant is called and after a few hastily confessed, she turned to look at Lin Feng.聽Liu Jinyafeel the eyes of the serious, Lin Feng moment stand at attention, like the Boy Scouts Junzi general standards.'Lin Feng, these days you and Xiaoyi Do not go to school, you go home temporarily back Xiaoyi, where relatively safe. Even if someone wants to Fu Xiaoyi, they have to think twice about Chen's forces.'originally commanded waiting Lin Feng, after hearing these words, suddenly petrified moment. 'No, do not ya sister, and I ...... I, ah, I can help you.''Lin Feng, I know you're a well-intentioned, but the next thing is not simple, since it is my dad to let you come to me, I have a duty to protect you from harm.'this moment seem weak 鍒橀噾闆?seemed instantly become a heaven into the earth omnipotent super warrior woman, her awesome sense of an sacrosanct.'Ya sister ......''You do not have anything to say, protect Xiaoyi, even helped me greatly. Chen helped me a lot, so I do not want to suffer because of me implicated Chen.' Liu Jingya very serious, said.聽According to Liu Jinyaarrangements, Lin Feng and Chen Jingyi a little clean up some luggage was returned to the Chen family, and Liu Jinya worried about the safety of his mother, the mother rushed to the Chen family together.Lin Feng Although reluctant, but Liu t let him protect his wife and children, so Lishen also protect inside his list. After thinking it over, Lin Feng thought of a brilliant idea, it seems that some things can only steal do not stink when the hero showing off, it really is a painful thing.Liu Jinya with a big flying boats directly rounded out the Young mansion, it touches on so many people below the glasses.magazines are on the couch watching Bong Mountain, see 鍒橀噾闆?personally door, could not resist a dig:. 'slut, bullied over now know to apologize, to tell you, it was too late, but my people are generous, if you can kneel down and lick my shoes, I do not know it you consider evil. 'Liu Jinya slightly at that enchanting smile is enough to make any man whom absences. Even Bong Mans left one right one evil bitch, but still can not resist the feeling of primitive man.But when Liu Jinya this smile disappeared, had a glass of red liquid poured in Bong Mans Doutou head.'You!' Bong Mans instantly stood up, his face full of disbelief.'Bong Mans, you really are a chop suey tell you, three days after the engagement ceremony, and will not be held as scheduled, I will expose everyone Yang conspiracy.' Liujing Ya this demonstration is to come.some wicked, the more you fear, the more he will be insatiable.鍒橀噾闆?behavior completely angered Bong Mountain, not to vent his anger and roared: 'You're a bitch, do not really think I'm not so good bully you that come here, stay away to children..'聽HeCarter, four weeks out of the five big guy from the other tangled muscle, you can see these people are not good class.Liu Jinya panic just a little bit, her big flying boats, do not need to be afraid. These people should all be embroidered pillow, otherwise Bong Mans how she did not send these people go on Fulin Feng yet.despite a clever man, but also makes mistakes. In the big boats and five Han Fei entangled together, Liu Jinya know wrong again.聽Hanthese skill not only better than the big difference between flying boats, it may still be above them. Watching a few people struggling together, Liu Jinya's heart can not help but mention his throat.Bong Mans this time very despicable walked around 鍒橀噾闆? 'The bitch, I had to your face before going to want after your engagement, but why did not you too restless, it seems I only pre-emptive is stronger. '聽Although Liu Jinyaextraordinary courage, but in the end is a woman, nor had any formal training in the martial arts, is simply not the kind of man Bong Mans opponent. Large flying boats found Liu Jinya is dangerous, you want relief came, alas, five muscle Han did not give them a chance.so shameless Bong Mans 鍒橀噾闆?be dragged to a room inside, Liu Jinya order turnaround, at Bong Mans mouth to bite the arm, under pain of Bong Mans eat a slap slap in on her beautiful face.聽Suddenly a hand-printedslowly shows up, Bong Mans sneered:. 'dare to bite me, wait a minute I'll bite you even had no strength.'tear their clothes looked at each other, Liujing Ya eyes filled with horror, she could not imagine myself to be this beast really tarnished, is not able to continue to live.a weeping fell from his eyes, the next four weeks suddenly quiet. Long wait abuse, Liujing Ya also found little wrong. When she opened her eyes and found a veiled woman standing in front of a man wearing a black sweater.'Lin Feng?' looked somewhat familiar figure, Liu Jinya subconsciously out loud.in the case of extreme fear, Liu Jinya mind first thought would save her people is Lin Feng. But she soon gave up the idea, because she found the other side of the name indifferent.this mysterious man did not speak directly to the door out of the room, this time the big flying boats have been exhausted, appeared to be lost. Mystery man instantly rushed past five individuals only fists a leg sweep, fast dazzling.聽big flyboats sitting on the ground panting, just action also often good at this art only people who can see. The mystery man is definitely a killer, crisp action if coupled with deadly weapons, five Han is not so simple fainted.crisis lifted, mysterious people come, easy go in a hurry, this time the big flying boats went around asking 鍒橀噾闆?of her situation.'I'm fine, the mysterious person who you think is?' can be so neat to get rid of opponents, people currently only one she knew, no one else besides Lin Feng.聽large flying boatslooked at each other, have shook his head. They clearly like this just do not want to answer, Liu Jinya stare at them, he left Yang villa.聽Bong Mans situationhow kind who do not know, do not care 鍒橀噾闆?is best able Bong Mans dead, after three days so she would not have engaged with that beast.received a phone call at midnight, Chen Jingyi not help but laugh on the phone: '?. Jinya sister, Lin Feng purdah lonely yet, but it did follow me back a few hours, you will be called to ask, ah''Xiaoyi, do not talk nonsense, Lin Feng room now to see him in out of the room,' Liu Jinya anxious to know the results, so the sound is very urgent.Chen Jingyi though strange, but still in accordance with the requirements of her to do, turn on the light when the door opened, the bed empty, really have not seen Lin Feng person.'strange, most of the night, he can go ah?'Liu Jinya hearts sense of excitement, so to say, really Lin Feng to rescue her.'Hey, Missy, you do not sleep most of the night and ran to my room doing here? If misunderstood by everyone, is it forced me to be responsible?' Lin Feng side with a towel to wipe the wet hair, side said.'Huh? You ...... you do go the night?' Chen Jingyi too surprised, and sometimes have some stuttering.'could not sleep, so go to your home swimming pool swim under, how? You still midnight Chagang ah?' asked Lin Feng look ignorant.闄堥潤鎬?Lin Feng stared at, on the phone and said:. 'Jinya sister, this guy turned out to be to go to the swimming pool, what a boring guy, you say it.'聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Still come back. Lin Feng Mouguang flashing a bit, but it was today, ah, that he can get a good job to dress up.8:00 to go, Ferrari was crashed yesterday, Liu Jinya only open spare BMW. The big fly is driving a Mercedes boats followed.Lee to be engaged, is set pomp and ultimately, when they arrived at the designated car crown International Hotel and found that there was full of people, join in the fun, but the more you want to grab the exclusive correspondent reported.as heroine 鍒橀噾闆?appeared, immediately caused a lot of ideas reporters. Together they gathered around, Liu Jinya Zuifan reporter, flying toward the large boats winking, suddenly two people will be Italy, began to clean up the site, so that she and Lin Feng able to successfully enter the hotel.Today is an important day, so the hotel's security is in place to do the work without the owner's permission, a reporter can not slipped go from the outside.Lin Feng has been in and looked around, his eyes flashed when a smear when suddenly wary. If he did not remember correctly, this person should be the day of masked men stopped their path.'Lin Feng, what made you stay, do not go fast, these reporters sick.' Liu Jinya said impatiently.two men entered the hotel, suddenly felt a lot easier, not so much annoying reporters, Liu Jinya this time it free grooming.big flying boats this time also came in: 'Missy, let's go.'Liu Jinya today wearing a white dress, the hair just have to get a little, did not look like getting engaged.even more cause she's curious reporters, Liu Jinya said: 'Come on, I was waiting for this day for a long time.'聽Lin Fengnot come to the elevator, suddenly clutching his stomach, said:. 'Oh, ya sister, sudden stomach pain, I have to go look easy, you go first, wait a minute, I just go.''how do you engage in, go faster.' Liu Jinya irritability said something big fly and boats went into the elevator.Lin Feng did not really go to the toilet, when the elevator door, he would pass to the secure channel. His extremely fast crawling stairs, look that way from the top to catch before arrival 鍒橀噾闆?arrived.elevator quickly, but Lin Feng faster, when the reach the top, Lin Feng mouth slightly warped, this is the time of his performances.at the banquet scene, while Bong mans dream and polite guests while waiting for Liu Jinya appeared last dare this bitch in the house looking for someone to beat him dizzy, this account sooner or later he will be with her liquidation.'Shao, your good fortune good and think that 鍒橀噾闆? but Konan a big beautiful names, not just pretty people, more capable and background. Lee With this relationship, it would be tantamount to holding Under the whole Konan up. 'Bong Mans and some friendship a friend said.'kind, which are small, mainly because both of us are really in love.' Bong Mans with a smile.this time the door was opened, and the banquet actress Liu Jinya finally appeared.Bong Mans cold eyes staring Liu Jinya, hatred for this woman has not the slightest bit of.'Jinya, such an important day, how did you dress up?' Bong Yang Huizhen mans mother asked, a look of displeasure.Liu Jinya faint looked at this woman, Yang said in Konan although a bit position, comparable with her far worse, for Bong Mans she can not false speech, of course, did not need to 鏉ㄦ収鐝?respect.Li Xiaoqin this time came up: 'Golden ya, I'm waiting for you for a long time, ah, how so late to come talk to me a drink.''how do you come?' Liu Jinya frown, the relationship between the complex and Li Xiaoqin, she did not want her to read the joke.Li Xiaoqin the glass of red wine a drunk, this said:. 'of course, is to help you cheer, you look at you, usually pair it always looks dead, so even when engaged, no friend to me This is to help you, you should be grateful to me. 'Bong Mans this time came up: 'Miss Lee, today is my day and Jinya engagement, quarrel seems inappropriate, so be it, then let the two of us to get down to business after finishing, then reminisced how you again?'hotel in order to maintain the atmosphere, the whole hall on the curtains are pulled, surrounded by lit, it touches something very imposing.'Bong Mans, you are too confident, who said to me today, is engaged to be with you?' Liu Jinya's not loud, but let everyone heard a
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